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I'm so hot right now. My air conditioning has slowly been dying for a couple of days I think and has now crapped out. It's 90 degrees out and it's 7:20pm - in my house it is 87 degrees. I would leave the house and go somewhere, but I think I would feel worse if I were in air conditioning and then came into this heat. So yeah - I'm pretty miserable right now. bleh.
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I was driving home from my parents house today and as I turned into my subdivision saw two little girls face each other, shake hands, bow, move back, and then throw water balloons at each other. It was obviously a duel of epic proportions.

My favorite part was the bow. :)

Hooray for summer.
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I was driving home from a friend's house tonight and as I was walking up the stairs to my apartment I realized that it smelled like summer. For the first time this year it really feels like summer.

It's that feeling of slight mugginess after a summer storm, the smell of spent barbeques, of grass that has recently been cut. I am not really a hot weather person, but the idea of sunshine and longer days is a joyful one for me.

I hope this summer will be a fruitful one, full of friends and family and laughter.


May. 27th, 2011 01:55 pm
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Hello all -

some of you may know me from LJ as rebekah_3. I'm not a big name, nor am I a frequent poster, but I love fandom (even though I mostly lurk). I love fandom and fans, which is why I switched over to Dreamwidth. LJ was getting too bogged down with ads, and games and things I just didn't care about any more.

Thank you to the always lovely ifreet for giving me a code to join.

So - a bit about me. I'm in my 30's - I work at a large global corporation as an analyst. Not particularly thrilling, but I enjoy what I do.

I read almost incessantly. I love fantasy (mostly urban) - Neil Gaiman, Holly Black, Ilona Andrews, Sarah Rees Brennan, and Christopher Moore are favorites of mine. Although A. Lee Martinez is high on that list as well. I just discovered N.K. Jemisin and can't wait for more from her. Robin McKinley and Kelly Link are favorites of mine too. I also listen to lots of audiobooks, because I love being read to.

I used to do lots of community theatre, but due to health issues I retired a few years ago. I crochet - especially when I'm watching tv. I love Doctor Who - Nine was my first Doctor, Ten is MY Doctor, I like Eleven, Four and Five quite a bit as well - I also enjoy Seven, but mostly because I think Ace is awesome. I love all things Joss Whedon - Buffy, Angel and Firefly are in my top 10 favorite shows of all time.

I'm pretty simple really. I have lots of friends, a wonderful family - all in all I'm a lucky girl.


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